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Smart Edge Open Quick Start

## Network Edge ### Step 1. Get Hardware ► Step 2. Getting startedStep 3. Applications Onboarding

Smart Edge Open solution documentation index

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Getting Started - Setup

Application onboarding - Deployment

Radio Access Network (RAN)

Core Network - 4G and 5G

Enhanced Platform Awareness


Edge Applications

Cloud Adapters

Reference Architectures

API and Schema


Release history

List of Abbreviations

  • 3GPP: Third Generation Partnership Project
  • CUPS: Control and User Plane Separation of EPC Nodes
  • AF: Application Function
  • API: Application Programming Interface
  • APN: Access Point Name
  • EPC: Evolved Packet Core
  • ETSI: European Telecommunications Standards Institute
  • FQDN: Fully Qualified Domain Name
  • HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  • IMSI: International Mobile Subscriber Identity
  • JSON: JavaScript Object Notation
  • MEC: Multi-Access Edge Computing
  • Smart Edge Open: Open Network Edge Services Software
  • LTE: Long-Term Evolution
  • MCC: Mobile Country Code
  • MME: Mobility Management Entity
  • MNC: Mobile Network Code
  • NEF: Network Exposure Function
  • OAM: Operations, Administration and Maintenance
  • PDN: Packet Data Network
  • PFCP: Packet Forwarding Control Protocol- SGW: Serving Gateway- PGW: PDN Gateway
  • PGW-C: PDN Gateway - Control Plane Function
  • PGW-U: PDN Gateway - User Plane Function
  • REST: REpresentational State Transfer
  • SGW-C: Serving Gateway - Control Plane Function
  • SGW-U: Serving Gateway - User Plane Function
  • TAC: Tracking Area Code
  • UE: User Equipment (in the context of LTE)
  • VIM: Virtual Infrastructure Manager
  • UUID: Universally Unique IDentifier
  • AMF: Access and Mobility Mgmt Function
  • SMF: Session Management Function
  • AUSF: Authentication Server Function
  • NEF: Network Exposure Function
  • NRF: Network function Repository Function
  • UDM: Unified Data Management
  • PCF: Policy Control Function
  • UPF: User Plane Function
  • DN: Data Network
  • AF: Application Function
  • SR-IOV: Single Root I/O Virtualization
  • NUMA: Non-Uniform Memory Access
  • COTS: Commercial Off-The-Shelf
  • DU: Distributed Unit of RAN
  • CU: Centralized Unit of RAN
  • SBI: Service Based Interfaces
  • CEEK: Converged Edge Experience Kits
  • IDO: Intel Distribution of Smart Edge Open