We are pleased to announce the 22.02 release of Intel® Smart Edge Open.


We are pleased to announce the 22.02 release of Intel® Smart Edge Open software. This limited release features an updated Secure Access Services Edge (SASE) Experience Kit that can be deployed on Ubuntu 20.04. It uses Intel® Edge Software Provisioner to automate deployment and is based on the 21.12 release of the Developer Experience Kit (DEK).
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Bring your edge solution to market faster

Speed up development with reference solutions designed for common network edge and on-premises use cases, powered by a Certified Kubernetes* cloud-native stack.

Accelerate your time to market

Reduce cost and performance risks associated with developing cloud-native networking platforms with reference architectures optimized for Intel® hardware.

Simplify Complex Network Architectures

Deploy reference architectures for common use cases and edge locations

Ready for 5G networking

Run compute-intensive workloads at the edge at 5G speeds.

Get started with our Experience Kits

Experience kits are reference architectures based on technologies from across the cloud native landscape, optimized for efficient performance at the network edge.

Developer Experience Kit

Provides the base capabilities needed to run typical containerized edge services, including networking, security, and telemetry.

Use it to explore Intel® Smart Edge Open features, or as the starting point for your own solution.

SASE Experience Kit

Seamlessly connect endpoints using multiple protocols, without needing to invest in specialized hardware.

Private Wireless Experience Kit

Deploy a local, private wireless network for your industrial, retail, or enterprise location. Run compute-intensive workloads at the edge on data collected from intelligent sensors at 5G speeds.

Access Edge Experience Kit

Provide smart indoor coverage solutions based on next-generation fronthaul architecture.

Near Edge Experience Kit

Scale solutions from a single-edge node to multicluster deployments across network edge aggregation points, such as group centers and next-generation central offices.


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