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Reference Implementations

Intel has created several example solutions to serve as reference implementations (RIs) on the Intel® Smart Edge infrastructure. These RIs address identified use cases for an edge cloud infrastructure, in different industry segments. Application developers in ISV or end-user organizations can install and study these RIs, and use them as a base for applications they can develop to address user needs

A set of RIs have been created and hosted in a “Smart Edge Open” section in the Intel Developer Catalog.

They are:

  • Wireless Network-Ready Intelligent Traffic Management: this RI is designed to detect and track vehicles and pedestrians and provides intelligence required to estimate a safety metric for an intersection. The goal is to use the collected intelligence to adjust traffic lights and optimize traffic flow at an intersection

  • Intelligent Connection Management xApp: this RI uses a deep reinforcement learning (DRL) algorithm with a graph neural network (GNN) model to implement the automatic handover of traffic between cells in a 5G wireless network. The goal is to improve connection quality and reduce latency

  • Wireless Network Ready PCB Defect Detection: this example factory floor RI detects two types of PCB defects during a manufacturing process – missing components and solder-bridge short circuits. The goal is to catch defect early to cut costs and improve product quality

  • Smart VR - Live Streaming of Immersive Media: this RI ingests video data from multiple streams and uses the power of the edge platform to construct a 360-degree view and provide an interactive experience based on Field of View (FoV) request

  • Telehealth Remote Monitoring: this RI leverages the Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC to set up and manage sessions between users that could include clinicians, patients, and caregivers. A variety of end-point devices like cameras, smartphones and laptops are accommodated

The RIs have all been tested and run on top of the Intel® Smart Edge Developer Experience Kit, and a few of them have also been tested to run on other Experience Kits (EKs) as per table below:

Experience Kit
Private Wireless
Experience Kit
Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Experience Kit
Wireless Network-Ready Intelligent Traffic Management v 21.12
Intelligent Connection Management xApp v 21.12 v 22.01
Wireless Network-Ready PCB Defect Detection v 21.12
Smart VR – Live Streaming v 21.12
Telehealth Remote Monitoring v 21.12 v 22.02